Review: The Six Morning Habits of High Performers

I just finished listening to LinkedIn’s course for The Six Morning Habits of High Performers by Hal Elrod.

It was basically a quick podcast session that anyone could listen to and it was really straightforward and inspiring.


He gives tips on how to meditate, exercise, and change the way you think in order to produce attainable results.

We don’t live in a magical world where saying, “I’m a millionaire” is going to make you a millionaire, there are steps and ways to get there.

Elrod came up with the acronym SAVERS to help remember and organize the steps he took to become more productive and produce results. This habit is basically action-oriented and he mentions this throughout the podcast.

He also mentions that the Miracle Morning routine helped him become more consistent in his actions, physically fit, his depression went away, and was in the best shape of his life.

S – Silence | A – Affirm | V – Visualize | E – Exercise | R – Reading | S – Scribing

S – Silence 🤫

We don’t get a lot of silence during our day with phone calls, meetings, videos, etc.

However, a quiet mind can tap into a higher power and make you come with ideas that you couldn’t have forced.

He recommends using meditation for 10 minutes. Just stay silent and relaxed, don’t clear your mind, just stay quiet and the ideas will come flowing to you. When you force thought, you don’t get the best ideas.

A – Affirm 📝

Affirm things. Affirmation is basically a written statement that gets the result.

Affirmation is not something you say and somehow it will become true. Saying “I’m a millionaire” while having $5 in your bank account isn’t an affirmation, it’s a lie. And you are going to start fighting with this lie in your subconscious mind. The truth always avails.

Make your affirmations action-oriented, not thought oriented.

Use meditation NOT just to remove thought, but to have a result after that session.

Stay relaxed but attentive in silence.

Don’t judge yourself during this meditation, this is session is not to make you anxious, but to make you calm and have an action to do something afterward.

Posture is also very important, don’t have any stimuli.

Craft your affirmations right:

  1. Affirm to your commitment.
  2. Remind yourself why is that commitment means something to you.
  3. Affirm what you are committed to doing, to get to where you want to get. Focus on the actions you will take.
  4. When are you specifically going to commit to doing them?

V – Visualization 👀

Use visualization to motivate yourself.

Go through the visual of you performing a task in your mind, in the third person. And more importantly, visualize yourself enjoying the activity.

If you planned to run, but don’t like running, imagine yourself running and enjoying the run. This will make you perform that task even if you don’t feel like running.

E – Exercise 🏋️‍♂️

Elrod also mentions how exercising for just 60 seconds in the morning is enough.

There are a lot of studies that show that exercising in the morning is very beneficial. Pidemont, FitBit, NY Times, and more have articles about this.

His morning routine includes stretching followed by the 7-minute workout. This workout is a Total Body workout and only takes 7 minutes to do.

R – Reading 📚

You are 1 book away from learning what you want. A happy marriage, positive mindset, better habits, is all in one book.

People don’t read books and they can start with just 5 pages a day. For 5 pages a day, that is almost 1 book per month. This means almost 12 books per year, but people just need to start.

S – Scribing ✍️

Write in a journal. Elrod talks about a 5-minute journal entry he does. In it, he writes 3 things he is grateful for and 3 things that he wants to accomplish today that will make him closer to his goal.

What we focus on becomes our reality. If we focus on what we don’t have, we feel like we have nothing. When we focus on what we do have, we feel grateful and better.

Also, being busy does not mean being productive. Answering emails, texts, etc. are not what our goals/tasks should be about, it should be about the life we want to live.

Remember not to be anxious about the progress you are making or not making. When you look back to wanting to be where you, you wouldn’t have wanted it to be sooner. Timing is perfect just the way it is. Have a balance of getting to your goal but also relaxing about not being there yet.


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