Procrastination & tips

According to, procrastination is defined as:


the action of delaying or postponing something.

It’s when we put off the things that we really need to do.
There are a ton of reasons why we procrastinate, and it may be due to medical conditions undiagnosed AD/HD.
However, after browsing some articles and based on my experience, I believe that there are two main reasons why we procrastinate.

1. Anxiety

Anxiety is probably the most common one. We believe that the task at hand is a lot harder and difficult in our head, but it turns out it’s just in our head. Instead of doing our task, we stress over it.
The solution to this is to not go from 0 to 100. Instead, slow your pace and your mind. Try to break the problem down into many pieces instead of trying to tackle it all at once.

2. Avoiding the Problem.

Avoiding the problem is something we do when we’re not honest with ourselves. Do we really want to do this task? And if so or not, why?
Being more honest with yourself about why you don’t want to perform this task is better.
Some solutions to solve the procrastination is:

1. Try to eat the “Elephant” first

This means you should finish the biggest or hardest task that you have to do first. It may seem impossible, but once you finish it, the feeling of accomplishment is great. And for the rest of the day, you feel much better.

2. 5-Minute Rule

Give yourself 5-minutes to do a task. Only 5-minutes. This is actually pretty amazing because the five minutes pass by so fast that you end up doing the whole task. Getting started is always the hardest part.

3. Reward yourself

If you reward yourself after you do a certain task with a treat or so, it’ll make you feel much better and would make you want to do the task as well. Take yourself out for coffee, meet friends or binge watch on that tv show.
Hope these tips help!

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