Since when did our Role Models become so Superficial?

There are a lot of articles about how superficial our social media has become. However, that doesn’t mean we should just quit social media, it just means we should bring more profound and deep content into social media.

Social media isn’t going anywhere, we just have to approach it differently.

As someone who is part of Generation Z, or iGeneration, I grew up on social media. From Tumblr to Instagram, my whole life seemed to revolve around pictures. I looked at girls on Instagram whose photos I saved because I wanted to be like them, or look like them.

In another word, they were my “Role Models”.

It took me a while to realize that my role models are beautiful on the outside, but what about what they do?

I only looked at their appearance. What I should have looked at was what they were doing. Do they wake up 5am for a workout? Do they eat extremely healthy? Do they take the time to volunteer and donate money to foundations? How do they keep relationships healthy?

When I was in middle/high school, my role model was Michelle Phan. Not only because she was “pretty,” she made a career from posting videos. She went from an immigrant (just like me!) to someone who left a permanent footprint in digital media and started many companies from the platform she created using YouTube as an outlet.

However, along with the path of admiring her, I lost the reason why I really looked up to her in the first place. It wasn’t because she was “pretty”, it was because she was resourceful, creative, persistent, caring, and much more.

It’s not wrong to look good on social media. And it’s not wrong to appreciate beauty. However, focus on more than just your looks, remember your dreams and that looks fade.

Becoming a doctor, engineer or lawyer is not out of style. It can be your platform on social media. Make it your bio, and make it look cool. Not everyone on social media is a full-time blogger/ influencer.

Basically, what I’m saying is that we have the power to look at things in our perspectives. The people on social media aren’t the problem, the way we think about them is. We have to change the way we think and cut off influencers who we don’t really serve a purpose.

Look up at people for what they are doing or have done, not only what they look like. What have they accomplished in life and would you like to be like that?


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