Drinking at least 4 glasses of Water a day for a Week

So, this week, I made it a goal for myself to drink more glasses of water per day. This wasn’t easy to remember, but slowly and surely, it became a habit.

There were so many benefits to this. My skin cleared up and looked brighter, I had more energy and I even felt more active.

Also, I lost a pound or so as well!

Here are a few tips I used to drink more water:

1. Invest in a Water Bottle

This is probably the most important step into incorporating more water into your life. Especially a water bottle with a straw, it makes it easier to drink throughout the day.

Also, don’t get too stingy about the price, I believe that it’s worth it. Drinking water throughout the day is so important, so spending $20-40 for a water bottle would be worth it for the next few years.

2. Have a Reminder

Use a post-it note or even phone notifications to chug down water. I used a water app to remind me to drink every other hour or so. It’s really helpful!

3. Get Used to going to the Bathroom A LOT

Going to the bathroom is going to be an hourly thing. (TMI? lol) Get used to going to the water and make sure you don’t drink too much water that your pee has no color. Space it out and cut back on the water.

Know your limits on drinking water and keep healthy!

Good luck! ❤

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