My Favorite Makeup Products of 2017 as a Student

Yes Please, Eyeshadow Palette from ColourPop



I’ve always wanted orange/peachy toned eyeshadows, but only saw high brand items that would sell them. I was saving up to buy Too Faced or the new Prism palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills. Then, I suddenly ran into Colour Pop’s Instagram and saw Yes Please.

It was beautiful and just the colors that I wanted so I grabbed it. It was affordable as well, retailing at $16. This is better than spending $40 for a palette I reach for only on special occasions.

This is the first palette I use for parties and every-day use. It has some fallouts, but the shadows are pigmented.

Pros: Affordable ($16), Pigmented
Con: Eyeshadow fallouts


Maybelline Eraser Dark Circles Concealer


This was a life-saver in school. I’m brown and we have a tendency to be dark under the eyes. This concealer was easy and affordable. All I had to do in the morning was to dip it in my Nivea cream tub and apply under my eyes. It was fast, no brushes and use a beauty blender to blend it.

Pros: Fast application, lasts for around 4-5 months if applied for every work day
Cons: Formula could be thicker for me, have to build up the formula


Eyeliner Gel Pots


If you are a liquid eyeliner girl, then stop buying new eyeliners and invest in a good black eyeliner gel pot. They save you money by not buying new $10-20 eyeliner every 2 months!

To use it, just dip the eyeliner that ran out of ink into the gel pot and apply. You’ll notice its darker than the ink and lasts much longer.

Pros: Saves money, applies darker than ink, lasts longer throughout the day
Cons: Kinda have to be an every-day wearer to apply on eye

NYX Matte Liquid Lipsticks


The NYX Lingerie ‘Exotic’ matte liquid lipstick was a liquid lipstick that I found myself wearing on a day-to-day basis and formal events. It was the right shade for me and I found it very complementing to my skin color. I bought 2 more for my aunts in Pakistans because they loved it that much! It retails for around $7 so not too expensive.

Just a tip: Apply a chapstick to your lips before you apply it!

Pros: Perfect Color/shade, Affordable, Matte
Cons: Dries up in 3 hours or so


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