Makeup Hacks I use and live by as a Student

Cracking Foundation and Concealer Fix

Does your foundation dry up and start cracking within hours? It’s probably because you have dry skin and it’s actually my problem as well. I used to always have creasing or cracking foundation until I started mixing Nivea cream with my foundation.

NIVEA Creme 13.5 Ounce


Nivea Cream is the solution for dry skin! And mixing it with your foundation or concealer will make it last longer, try it. Also, don’t put powder on top of it, it will just cause the dryness to come faster (especially in my case!).

Invest in Eyeliner Gels

Did you ever purchase a liquid eyeliner that was perfect, however it ran out of juice? Well, don’t throw it away! Instead, dip it in a good black eyeliner gel that will last for a longer time than your liquid eyeliner.

e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner, Black, 0.17 Ounce

I found this tip out through Youtubers. It was life-changing.

ABH Cream Contour Dry Solution

Have you purchased the ABH (Anastasia Beverly Hills) cream contour kit and suddenly it’s not as creamy or smooth as it was before on application?


In order to fix that, I mix it with really creamy lotion. To be specific, I use Bath and Body works body lotion. I mix together with a brush and it becomes creamy and easy to blend!

Bath & Body Works Shea & Vitamin E Lotion Freesia

When in doubt, mix lotion.





I hope these tips and tricks help! It’s nice to use this as a student, especially one on a low budget. Click on the links that I provided to view the items and their costs. Good Luck!


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