Quitting Sugar for a Week

I quit sugar for a whole week.


It wasn’t easy. I had to search up YouTube videos motivating me and pictures of the skinny Ayesha to help me get started.

The deal was to avoid sugar snacks, drinks (which wasn’t too bad because I don’t drink soda regularly), and bread. Bread has a lot of sugar in it surprisingly and I decided to give that up.

The first day was horrible. It was insane. I had the biggest headache of my life around 2pm to 8pm when I denied my body sugar. I was having the worst sugar withdrawal ever and had to sleep at 8pm.

The next day, my mind was fresh and clear. It was something that I haven’t felt in my entire life. It was amazing, and the other few days after that I was hooked.

I also started waking up around 5:30am (Something I could never do when I ate sugar) and slept around 10pm tired. It was great and I even got my workouts in my schedule in the morning.

I would definitely try this again after the holidays because it really helped me focus on my tasks and made me clear-minded.

Three tips I would recommend to anyone who is trying:

1. Do your Research, Gurl.

Research what sugar is and what it does to you. Sugar in fruits is not bad but processed sugar is. Don’t avoid fruits! Avoid candy bars, chocolate, soda, bread and some types of pasta (yeps, that has sugar in it too).

Here are some videos/articles that helped me:

2. Read what you Eat.

Read the labels. Make sure you know what you are eating. If the first 3 ingredients listed is sugar, then you better avoid it. Usually, the first ingredient listed is the most amount of what the food is. So, if the first ingredient listed is sugar, then you better avoid it.

3. Water

Drink lots and lots of water! It helps. Invest in a water bottle. I promise you, you will not regret it.

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