Mind Map

If you have a weak memory like I do and are struggling to get information into your head, then I suggest one thing that might help: mind mapping.

For those of you who have never heard the term, mind mapping is a method of visualizing information.

Let’s say you have a test on coming up on a topic. It’s hard to grasp the contents of this topic, so what you do is write that topic’s main subject, vocabulary, or idea in the middle of a blank paper. Then, you write another topic, idea, formula, picture or such that connects to that main idea from before.

In other words, you link it together and then continue by linking the next idea to the previous one until you have filled the page or are running out of things to write. This way, you can see the information that was retained in your head and you can see which topics you missed.

I feel as though this is a more effective way of grasping a concept and memorizing than flashcards. Even though flashcards help, they don’t provide the link that mind maps can. People remember stories better than they remember random facts.

For more information on how to build mind maps, go to this website!

Good luck!

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