Shapes, Layout and more



A pixel is a core concept of digital images and the point is one of the most fundamental element of graphic design. They are everywhere and they also help make lines, shapes and volumes which will be later discussed.
2 or more points connected together make a line. Lines are used the most in designs and chances are you have seen them in all or most websites designs. Horizontal lines are standard, but diagonal lines have this energy that you get from them. There are endless ways you can style or customize lines to your liking for a design.



Rounded Corners

Shapes can be anything from your standard geometric shapes to simply 2 ends of a line connected. The shapes can also be free forms as well, the imagination is up to you.
Rounded corners give a smoother look rather than the standard 90 degrees rectangle. It also makes a great design for websites and overall a better look.



Rotating elements in your design can bring up excitement and catch the viewer’s attention, noticing that it isn’t in the standard orientation as it should be.

Shapes and Layouts

Using different types of shapes in different ways, such a rounding them and rotating them can change them and make them more enhanced. It also makes the viewers attracted to your website.


Perspective is everything! What you see through your eyes, no one else can see through theirs. And this matters from the person looking at your website too, the way they look at it from a distance is important


Proportions matter, especially to us. Proportions of objects are also a good way to make an emphasis on something, or maybe make something appear bigger than others.

Light and Shadows


Light and shadows are important in our day to day life and our designs. They let the objects have volume and depth which is more engaging to the user than some 2D images all the time.

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