Psychology of Colors

Did you know that certain colors can make you feel a certain way? Like Red represent passion and can stimulate your adrenaline and blood pressure. Orange can make you excited and yellow usually represents happiness. Purple is also known for royalty and black is for strength. Green usually represents nature and freshness and white represents cleanliness. Blue is the color for open-mindedness and is the most liked color. Did you feel de ja vu while reading this paragraph or nod after all the color representation? Well, that’s color psychology for you and it works perfectly in web design. Take these representations into consideration next time you are designing with a certain theme in mind. 

Color Theory 101

Sometimes, when designing something, color schemes are very important, here is a few color scheme cheat sheet you should know:


Monochrome colors are the shades, tints, and saturation of a single base color. As you can see, the one above runs on Orange/Red monotonous colors. 


Complementary colors are colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel. They create a contrast yet unity at the same time! They will have an impact in your design and become more noticeable. It’s a great way to call for action, it will wake up the user! 


Analogous colors are colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel. They create a sense of unity, tonal similarities, and a very cohesive feel.The picture above has a purple, blue, pink tones, which are located side by side on the color wheel. 


To make a triadic color scheme, you have to draw an equilateral triangle on the color wheel and you will get your triadic colors. The eye makeup is makeup of triadic colors. They are a diverse, yet balanced scheme. 

Color Temperatures

Warm Colors

Warm colors are including yellow to burgundy. When these colors are placed next to cool colors, they will start pop out. These warm colors represent both heat and motion, there’s a reason why the warm faucet is always red. Warm colors tend to dominate.

Cool Colors

Cool colors are from green to blue and including violet. Cool colors are more calming and can reduce tension. They won’t overpower your page, so they are great to use a background. 

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