Images on the Web

What do you do when you find images on Google or Flickr?

You need to have permission to use these images, you might find a photo you would want to use and modify it to serve your needs. But, that is Google Ganking. You need permission to use images, and if you use them with the intent of thinking that the owner will never notice, you risk having a cease-and-desist letter sent to your client. They will bill you for an unpaid license fee and a lawsuit might even happen. Same thing goes for Flickr, except it has a Creative Commons license and has a certain way or rules defining how you can and cannot use these images.

Thinking of Clipart?
It lacks the professional taste that a website deserves, especially for a client. Designers need to create a design that is fresh and original, not a sack of “potatoes”.

Use apps!

Use apps to edit photos and make them look more presentable. Remember, that you should always use high-quality photos and if not, use apps to make the images more appealing. You can crop the photos, adjust the lighting, the contrast, sort of like Instagram!

Creative Cropping


Detail Cropping

Detail cropping allows you to view a certain detail of the crop

Rule of Thirds

This is the rule of thirds, and a third of this photo was taken to see the jumpers.


Vertical cropping is so that the picture appears vertical for cropping.

Using apps to make Pictures appear better

Before editor

After editor…


Can you tell the difference? Which one catches your attention better and makes it look better quality overall?

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