Web Page Anatomy

It is important for a website to have certain components.

The components thaPicturet a website should have are as follows; a containing block, logo, navigation, content, footer, and white space.The key component that any website should take from them is the content because that is the meat in which the user would want to go and click on the website for.

The container is where the content goes inside of. Without the container, everything would be everywhere, it’s like the glass that keeps the water from spilling everywhere.

The logo is your identity, it is how the user will differentiate or spot you from the crowd.

It is where the user will go to see where everything is located into a certain page. It is usually located on the top right corner with names of the tabs that the user will want to go.

There’s no need for an explanation on what the content is, but it is the meat of your website. It is what the users come to look for and it is important that it is located at the focal point so that the user doesn’t leave the website frustrated.

It is basically the indicator that the user has reached the end of the page. The footer contains copyright, contact, and such information at the footer.

It is important to have space that does not include anything. Even though you may feel that you need to fill the page with something, but leaving space helps the user to take a fresh breath of air and creates balance and unity.

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