Typography 101

If you ever plan to make a website for anything, you should pay attention to how you present text and what you should do in order to have the most successful way in implementing your content.

Why Typography?

The main reason why people go to your website is because of the content and the reason the website exists is for communication. So, obviously, typography is extremely important for website designers. There are so many creative ways that people use typography, so naturally, learning about typography is important. It’s essential and key to communicate with your viewer. Typography also catches the viewer’s eye while still communicating to them using words. There are different voices that certain types bring to you. Also, text is the one thing that all viewers come to see the web page for, it is crucial. Arranging text and typography in general should be the number one priority as a designer. It also helps the viewer navigate through the hierarchy of the website.You can also rely on images in order to get viewers to really see your text. Also, there are number of fonts, placement, orientations and more that a designer can use to create the website for the user. The viewer or user will most likely not visit a site where the text is all 12pt Arial font, it would confuse them and would not let them know where to go and what to look at. That is why typography is important.

What type of font should I use?

Is not the first question you should ask, rather, who is your audience and what is your content about? Here are tips on whether to use a simple font or fancy font, depending on the audience and what your content is about.

Simple font

Would it surprise you if I told you I used a simple font for my website? Well, I did. It’s the most go-to fonts for almost every website that has content. Simplicity is key, using less than 1-2 types of font on a webpage is the goal. Also, with a simple font, it makes everything easier to read the paragraphs.

Fancy Fonts

There are good things and bad things that can happen when using Fancy fonts. First and foremost, fancy fonts catch the eye, they’re appealing and changes your mood! It makes you feel more connected and screams out the personality in the web page.

Actually, while I was looking for website with fancy fonts, they were either creative arts and crafts websites or kids websites. This is because these websites have a personal touch and have a friendly message to set out. Especially since their viewers are creative people and kids, it gives you a much more warmer feeling. These websites are fun and friendly, and you can tell that no two letters are the same. However, this can also be a downside as well. If you’re website viewers are everyday adults trying to receive information, then your content should be in simple fonts. This is so that is easier to read and faster. The viewers get what they were looking for and don’t spend too much time trying to figure out what it says. It also gives a more professional look while fancy fonts can not really offer the same professionalism that simple fonts can. Maybe fancy fonts can be used as a headline, but the rest should be in simple, especially if they are long paragraphs. Also, when a chef used fancy font for the menu, people assumed the chef had more skill in preparing meals.

Need Fonts?

Check out Typekit! It’s one of the original and most popular for hosted font solution. It has a huge library of fonts and it is a subscription font service. The kit is easy to use on web and has lots of inspiration for typography. It has boxes in the font and previews of it in the boxes which you can see its style. On the side, there are options for the fonts as well so you can look for something specific.


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