Tips and Tricks for Studying

Are you having some difficulties in studying? Do you want to change your studying habits for good? Check out Barbara Oakley’s “A Mind for Numbers” book or watch the YouTube video above for a better understanding. It teaches you how to excel at Math and Science, even if failed Algebra.  Last meeting on Friday May 13th, we watched the video above and had a discussion about tips and tricks on studying.

The YouTube video summed the book into 5 categories:

1. 2 Modes
These two modes are Focused and Diffused modes. Focus is when you are working diligently and getting your work done. Diffuse is when we turn our brain off. This can include sleeping, exercising, or anything doesn’t require much brain power. It’s your resting period because your brain cannot be on all the time, you need rest. Focus and Diffuse modes go hand in hand, you need both to pass a test, otherwise cramming never works. After you study, you should get a good night’s sleep to process all the information that you just studied. You should include both of them.

2. Procrastapain
Yes, it is exactly how it sounds like. The pain of procrastination. We have all suffered procrastination and had a fear of actually doing our work. However, what most people do not realize is that fear of doing the work is not as bad as actually doing the work. In other words, the fear is an illusion. And when we actually procrastinate on our assignment, we may feel good for a short time, we feel extremely horrible long term. So, the point of this is actually doing your work is not as bad as you may think. So, get to work!

3. P. vs. P.
These two are Product vs Process. Sometimes, we are too focused on the product of our studying rather than the actual process of our studying. we have a list of goals, or chapters that we want to complete, but the process of it is actually more important. So, rather than focusing on how many chapters you finish in a day, focus on how you get the chapters done. Did you read carefully, or did you actually process the information? Do you need more time? Focus on the Process more than the product and you will enjoy working more.

4.”I’m excited!”
Yes, and you should be! When you are working, have this positive energy around you and your whole experience will change. You should be excited about working or doing this homework problem, instead of being grumpy about it, try it and it will change the way you work as well.

5.Like I’m 5
Everyone has heard of the saying, “Teach it to me like I’m Five years old.” Make the explanation simple enough that a five year old can understand, and you can remember it better as well. Teaching to students who don’t understand the course material will help you as well, believe or not. When you’re teaching, you are also re-learning yourself and this makes your foundation stronger. So, try helping other classmates. “We rise by lifting others.”

 Here are a few of the tips that people have shared with me:

  • Prioritize and make a list of what is the most important task to accomplish and act on that list. Don’t get too distracted by the other tasks.
  • Make friends with people in your class that do not understand the course material and teach them the materials, it will help you strengthen your knowledge as well.
  • Also, do one task at time, don’t over cram yourself and just focus on one thing.
  • Try to do problems without looking at the solution manual, try reviewing the lesson before!
  • Diet plays a big role on how you feel as well, when you eat healthy, you feel good. When you eat junk, you don’t really feel as good. Try cutting on the caffeine as well, caffeine can be addicting and increase blood pressure, so drink wisely.
  • There are a lot of apps that can be downloaded to help you focus on studying, like a timer. It has intervals of studying and breaks so you don’t feel overwhelmed and have timed breaks.

Below is the pdf of 10 Rules of Good studying. I hope this was helpful for you and good luck with your studies!

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