STEM Resume Writing Workshop

On an important note, do you know the average time that recruiters will look over your resume? Less than five seconds. This means that your resume should be short, on point, and only listing specifics.

There are two keys to success and that is that knowledge base should be strong, and a wide array of diverse, transferable skills. The first key is typically from school and the second key is from outside of school. These skills you receive from internships, volunteering and activities.

On your resume, the knowledge and skill should be specific and relevant. Keep in mind that recruiters will not look over your resume more than 5 seconds, so it should be to the point and precise. Experiences should be listed and these can include research position, summer jobs, volunteer work, internship, community service and so on. Academic experience can include course descriptions, classroom presentations, lab projects, club activities, teamwork and leadership positions.

Remember to work on your summary and titles since the recruiters are only going to glance over your resumes. Your resume should always be one page long and no more than that. Also, make statements that are active rather than informational.

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